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Have you every wondered which diaper brand you should use for your baby? So many parents ask themselves that very question and many will just use the brand the hospital provides or the brands suggested by friends and family. However, every baby bottom is unique, so one diaper will not necessarily work for every baby. With so many brands of diapers to choose from, buying one bag of each would be extremely expensive and leave you with tons of diapers that may leak, do not fit properly or just won't work for your baby. My First Diapers has the solution...

My First Diapers creates sample packs of each brand of diapers. Each sample pack contains 5 diapers of that brand for parents to test the fit, leak protection, and sensitivity reaction. Our customers like to call it 'test-driving' diapers. You test drive a car to ensure a good fit, why wouldn't you test diapers to find the best match for your baby?

My First Diapers allows new parents the opportunity to sample different brands of diapers before opening the boxes or bags of diapers from a baby shower. We've created the opportunity for new parents to try a large variety of diapers for what it would cost to purchase a box of diapers. We hope parents will learn which brands of diapers work for their baby by using our sample packs. After identifying two or three brands of diapers that work for your baby, you can also see the possible savings by comparing the price per diaper of using one brand over the other. This can be a considerable savings over the two and a half to three years your baby is in diapers. We look forward to helping you find the diaper that works best for your baby..."Because every bottom is unique!"



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